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Horoscope Program - Update - DVD

Horoscope Program - Update - DVD

This Product Is Currently Not Selling At This Time.

Please check out our online store.

Thank you.

The Church of Light

Horoscope - Astrology Software for Windows

Hermetic Astrology at its Best

This is an update to Horoscope versions 2.5 through 3.3.4.

To qualify for this update, you must have purchased a previous version of Horoscope with version number greater than or equal to 2.5.

This product comes on a DVD.

NOTE: If you are ordering the regular (non-update) Horoscope product, you do not need to also order this update! The full product includes this update.

Your email receipt will contain a software download link that you can use to install the product prior to receiving your DVD. In addition to your email receipt, you will also receive a separate email with a product license code that you will need to activate the product.

For Windows 10 and Windows 11

To see all the new features of Horoscope, go here: Horoscope Key Features

Horoscope is a thoroughly modern, intuitive and easy-to-use software program that includes a suite of video tutorials to help you get started. The program is designed to be easy to use for beginners while providing all the necessary features for professional astrologers.

See Video Tutorials here.

Installation Instructions

Installation Video Tutorial

General features:

  • Natal charts
  • Placidus and Porphyry house systems.
  • In-Depth Chart Analysis Report with new interactive planet, sign and house energy distribution diagrams. See an example natal chart report here.
  • Transit Returns
  • Synastry chart comparison
  • Easy to use tools for Electional charts for finding the best time to do anything including "slider bar" for and real-time update to chartwheel, aspect grid and astrodyne tables as you drag the slider bar!. See Horoscope New Features for detailed description.
  • Integrated ACS Atlas by Astrolabe with longitudes, latitudes and time changes.
  • Personal atlas.
  • Mundane cycle charts.
  • Natal and Progressed Astrodynes for planets, houses, signs and more.
  • Summary astrodynes for house and sign groups.
  • Declinations.
  • Aspect grid showing astrodyne power and harmony for individual aspects and applying/separating aspects.
  • Major (secondary) progressions, Minor progressions and Transits now with a new slider bar for updating the progressed chart in real time... planets move around the chart as you drag the slider bar!
  • Bija (Q1) secondary progression rate.
  • Progression report with many features including Majors with reinforcing Minors and Transit triggers.
  • Aspectograph for displaying Major (secondary) progressions, Minor progressions and Transits.
  • Progressed astrodyne power vs. time aspectograph for user selected progressed aspects.
  • Progressed astrodyne grids for planets, signs, houses, individual aspects and natal and progressed terminals showing current progressed power and harmony, peak power and harmony, relative harmony and reinforcement power of Minors.
  • Printed reports include:
    • Chart with declinations, progressed movement table, natal astrodynes and aspect grid.
    • Progression/transit report in two formats.
    • Aspectographs (time line and progressed power history).
    • Progressed astrodyne chart graphs for planets, signs, houses, and natal and progressed terminals showing progressed power and harmony, relative harmony and reinforcement power.
    • Detailed chart analysis report.
  • Spreadsheet output.
  • Copy to Clipboard and create PNG or JPEG image files for the various chart elements: chartwheel, aspect grid, astrodyne tables, declinations and summary progressed astrodyne report
  • User-selectable color for wheels, planets and signs.
  • User-selectable aspect orbs and astrodyne constants.
  • Publishing features such a Copy to Clipboard and Object Linking & Embedding (Windows OLE) for embedding charts and tables in OLE-compatible applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, etc.
  • Ease of use features like Default Place for quick charts and Default Folder for saving charts.
  • Expanded Help topics to aid in chart delineation and creating chart analysis reports.

General specifications:

  • House Systems: Placidus, Porphyry
  • Geocentric
  • Tropical zodiac
  • User selectable aspect orbs and astrodyne constants.
  • Chart interpretation: In-depth chart analysis report.
  • Latest Delta T Predictions from the U.S. Naval Observatory.

Installation Instructions

Once you receive your DVD installer in the mail, insert the DVD in your DVD drive. After a short delay, a Windows message will ask you what you want to do. In Windows 8 or 10, click on that message and select to run the "setup.exe" program. In Window 7, also select to run the "setup.exe" program. This will install Horoscope2020 on your computer and there will be a shortcut on your desktop to launch the application. If you don't get the Windows message, then, in Windows File Explorer, click on your DVD drive (or use the Windows-Logo+E Keyboard Shortcut) to display the contents of the DVD and double-click the "setup.exe" program.

NOTE: If you have an older version of Horoscope installed, such as Horoscope2020, please uninstall it before installing this version. If you had your old version pinned to the taskbar, you’ll have to remove it and re-add a taskbar link to the new program.



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