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Hermetic Astrology Snapshots

Who Will Win the 2016 United States Presidential Election?

Election 2016

Summary: The astrological factors considered in this paper — Horary chart, Jupiter and Saturn Cycle charts and New Moon chart — point to a Democratic presidential win in 2016. Reasons for this conclusion are based upon techniques characterized by C. C. Zain in Course 8, 10 and 13 and are listed below.

Wacky World of Politics in America 2016

This year’s American presidential election is so bizarre, frustrating and, at the same time, intriguing it would be sad to let the election cycle pass without at least attempting to explore its astrological possibilities.

The best astrological approach for exploring the election outcome is to have accurate birth charts for the candidates and then to compare their natal attributes and progressed energy. The only candidate with a reliable time of birth is Donald Trump. Hillary has two times of birth listed. Bernie has no time listed, and so it goes. Big time frustration for a Hermetic astrologer who wants to base conclusions on reliable data!! (see end of paper for known birth data.)

But wait…all is not necessarily lost. In Course 13, Mundane Astrology, C. C. Zain outlines an approach his students found to be effective in determining election outcomes. The first step, and the ideal for drawing more reliable conclusions, is to have a AA rated birth chart with progressions. However, he also indicates that when the birth chart observations are inconclusive, the option to use a horary, or contest-chart, is an alternate way of examining the question. With this in mind, let's explore and see if the horary chart will work in lieu of a birth chart and progressions? If nothing else, the process will make a good experiment to see if, and how the process works.

The overall approach used by Zain’s students are summarized in three steps listed below.

  1. Carefully weigh the chart of one candidate against the other, with special attention given to the progressions in the chart at the time of and immediately following the election. When there is difficulty in deciding which chart, with its progressions, is most favorable toward acquiring the contested office, a horary chart is erected.
  2. Good or ill aspects in the Cycle Charts: Jupiter = Republican; and Saturn = Democrat.
  3. New Moon preceding an election has considerable influence although its trend should be considered in connection with the charts of the candidates. Powerful and harmonious 10th house and its rulers favor party already in office. Powerful and harmonious 4th house and it's rulers favors opposition party.

So now, with this approach, let’s step into the weird and wacky world of 2016 presidential politics using a horary chart instead of natal charts.

Step 1: Natal Chart/Horary Chart Analysis

For detailed information on this process of analyzing a horary contest-chart, go to Course 8, Horary Astrology, “Questions Relating to the First Six Houses.”

Will Hillary Clinton win the 2016 presidential election Horary Chart

Timing: The question was asked at 11:03 AM on 9/6/16 in Albuquerque, NM, “Will Hillary Clinton win the 2016 presidential election?”

Observation: the basis of a horary question is arbitrary and may imply bias. The efficacy of astrology is based upon accurate timing. Determining the exact time of a question can be tricky. As for bias, it's probably always present and must be recognized for what it is and how it may influence one's perception of the truth and the conclusions they may draw. See Note 3 at the end of this paper for more about C. C. Zain's theory about this issue.

Determine the side of the chart represented by each candidate. Because the question is asked about Hillary, she is represented by the east side of the chart and Donald Trump by the west side.

Will Hillary Clinton win the 2016 presidential election Horary Chart Aspect Grid

Gauge the strength of each side of the chart by looking at harmony/discord and note whether, by house position, one side has authority over the personality or honor of the other.

Will Hillary Clinton win the 2016 presidential election Horary Chart Astrodynes

✦ Planets: Strength, Ability, Luck.

Hillary Trump Conclusion
Eight planets, including the two luminaries, mercury and the two malefics are on her side of the chart (total -17.52). The most powerful aspect of the chart is Sun trine Pluto (+11.50). To the extent she taps into the Universal Welfare Urges, she wins favor. Two planets, Uranus (-7.86) and Neptune (-12.69) are on his. Uranus wants to upend the status quo and is disruptive. The second most powerful aspect in the chart is Sun opposition Neptune (-10.99). With this aspect, he has to guard against being vague, "show-boating" or coming off as a "con." Planetary power of the chart overwhelmingly falls on Hillary's side of the chart. Interestingly, overall power for both of them is discordant. This may correspond to the high polling negatives for both candidates.

✦ 1st House: The Candidate, Their Luck & Personal Prowess.

Hillary Trump Conclusion
She has a harmonious Moon in the 1st that is also very powerful. Of the other two co-rulers of her Asc in Scorpio, both are relatively weak. Pluto in the 3rd is harmonious (+18.61) while Mars in the 2nd is discordant (-12.26). Both planets are on her side of the chart indicating she holds the power. She scores points for being compassionate (+ Moon) and her “It takes a village” cooperative approach to solving domestic problems (+ Pluto). She loses when she behaves aggressively, coming off as harsh—severe, jarring—(-Mars). Venus in Libra influences his Taurus ruled 1st house. Venus (+12.60) and relatively weak, is at home in both signs, suggesting a comfortable, likable personality. The 4th house and Venus are harmonious. The problem for him is that Venus is on Hillary’s side of the chart in the 11th house, suggesting her friends, hopes and wishes exercise influence over his luck and personal power, diminishing his ability to exercise personal control. Venus likes to take the line of least resistance and is not inclined to discipline. Her personal power and luck has an edge over his.

✦ 10th House: Victory, Honor & Credit

Hillary Trump Conclusion
She has Sun in 10th and Leo is on the cusp of the 10th. This placement of the presidential planet in the house of the president suggests power. The Sun is the second dominant planet and is discordant (-12.20), diminishing her strength somewhat, suggesting the competition is not a “cake-walk” and she could redirect energy by focusing on being kind rather than domineering. He has Neptune in the 10th in Pisces. It is the dominant planet of this horary chart. However, it is discordant and indicates that instead of conveying the image of a person with “vision,” vague and illusive positions are a problem and weakness for him. Neptune can be very sensitive and spiritual. It is also the planet of acting and when expressing discordantly, is even seen as the “con” which is how some have come to view him. With regard to who will be “victorious,” this horary chart indicates a tough call. She has the power of the Sun (2nd dominant, -12.20). He has the dominant planet Neptune representing his potential for a "win" but it is also discordant (-12.69). Because she has the power of the Sun in the 10th, the victory may lean slightly in her direction.

Step 2: What do the Cycle Charts indicate about turnout of the electorate?

Jupiter Cycle Chart for 2016

The Jupiter Cycle: Feb 5 2011, 13:48 GMT, Washington, DC — (Republicans) chart shows two aspects: sesquisquare (discordant) to Neptune and inconjunct (neutral) to Moon. According to Mundane Astrology, “a discordant aspect …. tends to influence things adversely on the last days, or during the time the aspect is operative…” The inconjunct is a weak, neutral aspect and likely will not have an impact on voter turnout.

Saturn Cycle Chart for 2016

The Saturn Cycle: Feb 16 1997, 5:27 GMT, Washington, DC — (Democrats) chart shows no aspects.

Conclusion: The astrological factors indicate low voter turnout for both parties. This seems contrary to intensely held opinions about the candidates. However, a study published in the American Political Science Review (Dec. 1999, p 877-889) indicates that “When campaigns degenerate into unsubstantiated and shrill attacks, voters tend to stay home.” Perhaps low voter turnout is what the high “unfavorables” of both major-party candidates indicate?

Step 3: New Moon Chart indicators.

Data: Oct 30 2016, 17:38 GMT, Washington, DC

New Moon for Election 2016 Astrodynes

New Moon for Election 2016 Chart

What to look for: Powerful, harmonious 10th house, the party in power will retain power. A powerful, harmonious 4th house indicates the opposition party will gain the win.

Power: Both the 10th and the 4th houses are relatively weak but the 10th has more power (5.7% astrodynes and 6th in power) compared with the 4th (2.4%) which is the weakest house in the chart.

Harmony: Both houses are harmonious with the 10th having 3.82 harmodynes while the 4th has 4.94.

Caution: Some of the 10th house power/harmony comes from MC aspects and it's not clear to this writer if Zain's students factored MC harmony/discord into their conclusions about overall harmony of the 10th house. Either way, it's still a close call.

New Moon for Election 2016 Aspect Grid

Conclusion: Based on the astrodynes, 10th house having more power, as well as harmony, the Democrats will retain power.


Birth Data:


  1. If anyone reading this paper is aware of a verifiable birth time for any of these candidate, please let us know the time and source. Send your data to
  2. Only the two leading candidates for the presidency are considered in this article. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein currently poll low enough in most major polls they are not likely to be contenders.
  3. From Course 8, Horary Astrology:
    “ ALTHOUGH horary astrology conforms to scientific principles in all its parts, it is less rigid than natal astrology; for natal astrology is not only an exact science, but its methods are less dependent upon the personal equation. When a child is born, the time of birth can be ascertained with positiveness and exactitude by any person present; but when an idea is born, the personal equation of the one to whom the idea comes may, under certain circumstances, make it very difficult to determine the exact moment of its birth.

    “The proper timing of the birth of an idea, the birth of a proposition, or the birth of a question depends upon the sympathetic relation of the human mind with the astral world. That this relation is quite dependable is evidenced by the accuracy of the results obtained through the use of horary astrology. Nevertheless, because horary astrology depends upon a mental reaction to a condition existing in the unseen world, it is essentially not so much an exact science as a method of divination.”

For a closer look at Donald Trump's natal chart click here.

Chart calculation software: The Horoscope Program.

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