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Spiritual Taurus

Spiritual Taurus

April 21 thru May  21

Keyword: I Have
Thoughts ruled by this sign belong to the Possessive Series

Best quality: Stability
Worst quality: Obstinancy

Synonyms: Careful, conservative, constant, custodial, discriminating, earthy, efficient, firm, immoveable, industrious, interested in psychic phenomena, obedient servants, patient, persistent, plodding, practical, reliable, reserved, secretive, steadfast, strong, stubborn, self-reliant, untiring worker.

The Use of the Golden Calf…

“Render Unto Caesar the Things Which be Caesar’s and Unto God the Things Which be God’s.”

In this meditation we are interested in the symbolism of Taurus, the mighty Bull, charging down from the sky. The teachings the ancients sought to picture by the Taurus constellation are illustrated by the story of Moses and the golden calf.

The thirty-second chapter of Exodus tells us that Moses went up Mount Sinai to receive instructions and came down the mountain with two tablets of testimony written by the finger of God. They were tablets of stone. Taurus, the fixed earthy sign of the zodiac, more nearly than any other, relates to stone. There were two tablets: one tablet set forth the laws of physical survival and the other revealed those laws relating to spiritual realization. Perhaps more than any other sign, Taurus, fixed earth, reminds us of the importance of experience gained in the material world and how it influences the development of the spiritual aspects of life.

In the story, Moses tarried on the mountain. His people became impatient and induced Moses’ brother Aaron to make a molten calf. It was of gold because the Sun rules that metal. Because this orb of day had but reached the commencement of the sign of the bull, it could not be considered full-grown. Therefore, it was called a calf. It was molten because this section of the constellation is backed against the fire of Aries.

In practical astrology Taurus rules material possessions and also governs the neck and ears of human anatomy. Repeatedly, in the narrative, those who divested themselves of their earrings, from which to make the golden calf, are called a stiff-necked people. The vocal organs also come under the rule of the same zodiacal sign. The story adds that it was the singing he heard as he approached the camp on his return that first apprised Moses that mischief was afoot.

Angry that his people so quickly abandoned the God who delivered them from Egyptian slavery, Moses destroyed the calf. Importantly, it was not thrown away, nor again turned into a bauble of adornment. Instead it was burnt with the fire of spirit, ground to powder in the mortar of compassion, and strewn on the life-giving water from the nearby river of affection. It was neither ignored, nor despised, nor coveted; but was made of spiritual use. After thus converting this symbol of material possessions into that which no longer could be worshipped, it was given to the children of Israel in their drink.

Before this conversion came to pass, because they had been divested of their earrings, the people were seen to be naked. Their earrings were universal symbols for the tinsel and display that many set their hearts exclusively upon. Divest them of this and they have nothing left. Their treasures are purely physical. They have nothing suitable to clothe their soul in higher realms.

Venus, planet of affection, is the ruler of Taurus. To one conversant with universal symbolism it is more easily understood that the material things represented by the golden calf can also be spiritualized through affection. With love, compassion and mercy, wealth, station, power, and other physical possessions, all can be converted, as Moses converted the golden calf, into a means of creating spiritual values.

People come into this world endowed with natural talents of various kinds and diverse degrees. Richness of life does not come from shunning experience with the material world. Material things are detrimental only when they are worshipped. Like the golden calf they can bring short-sighted selfish gratification. They prevent spiritual growth when they become so insistent in their care that their burden is too heavy. However, nothing opens the avenues to spiritual attainment so effectually as being of assistance to others. Quite often the assistance needed is of a physical nature.

To worship the golden calf of wealth is utmost folly. To ignore the power of money when rightly used to advance the welfare of the human race is almost as foolish. Libraries have been built and stocked with books where people may read and free their minds; literature has been published and widely spread by which the spiritual truths have been made accessible; laboratories have been set up for research and clinics established for treatment, that have practically eradicated certain previously prevalent forms of disease; but not without the aid of money.

While we occupy a physical world, the body has physical needs and possesses physical functions. Contact with physical conditions provide experiences that fit each person for still higher type of life when they pass on to the next inner plane. A physical body which is neglected detracts from the ability of the individual to do constructive work and hampers effort to contribute to society.

According to the natural abilities, which the birth chart so surely reveals, there is opportunity for the individual to advance in the direction of becoming more valuable to others. Whether it is the use of gold, the power to heal, the ability to teach, inventive genius or some other power or ability, there is always the opportunity for spiritual growth.

Because those born from April 21 to May 21 are found to be so interested in personal possessions the Key phrase given to Taurus is, I Have. Because the physical is so necessary in developing the spiritual, the ancient text becomes: Physical Life and Its Opportunities Should Not be Slighted; Neither Should Spiritual Aspirations Be Ignored. Learn, therefore, to “Render Unto Caesar the Things Which be Caesar’s and Unto God the Things Which be God’s.”

Paraphrased from Spiritual Astrology by C. C. Zain


The companion Spiritual Taurus exercise by Christopher Gibson can be accessed by clicking on the image below or here.

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