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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment - PDF Download

Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment - PDF Download

Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment

By Elbert Benjamine

(aka C. C. Zain)

Stellar Treatment works on the principle that each one of us functions in two environments: our physical body lives on the physical or outer plane and our soul or thought-built structure operates on the astral or inner plane. The word astral means “pertaining to a star,” and one’s astrological chart is a map of one’s soul structure or astral body.

The Hermetic Axiom, “As Above, So Below” infers that the structures of the physical body are a reflection of the soul structures as mapped in the chart of birth. A careful analysis of the birth chart can reveal the discords in the soul and help ascertain the physical diseases towards which one is predisposed.

This classic book, first published in 1945, describes how habitual thinking, as mapped by the natal chart and reinforced by progressed aspects, influences the endocrine system, and thus the rest of the physical body. By applying the suggested Thought-Cell Treatments, one can work on healing the inner causes of disease.

176 pages

This is a Downloadable PDF eBook.


ITEM: Body_Disease

Progressed Aspects of Standard Astrology - PDF Download
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