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Delineation with Astrodynes

Delineation with Astrodynes

Delineation with Astrodynes
Ken Stone

How-to Manual for assessing Birth Charts using Church of Light Astrodynes.

Astrodynes is a technique developed by Elbert Benjamine and the Church of Light, for precise determination of the astrological power and harmony or discord of any planet, aspect, sign or house in an astrological chart.

The use of Astrodynes provides a method that greatly facilitates astrological analysis in all departments of life, and is one of most important astrological tools developed in modern times.

Learn to interpret dominant factors for health, compatibility, vocation and more.

Written by past Church of Light President.

91 pages   5" x 8½"  Trade Paperback

ISBN 0-86690-002-0



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