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Interpreting Charts Using Hermetic Astrology - Part I

Hermetic Astrology and Inner-Plane Theory

(scroll down to see contents)


Tutorial Topics

What to read

The astral body is thought-built

Pyschoplasm and thought-cells

The electromagnetic body

Impact of thoughts, emotions and environment

Complex thought-cell structures like physical organs

Conditions at birth

How the natal chart corresponds to the thought-built astral body

Zodiacal signs map fixed zones

Associated thought-Compartments correspond to mundane houses in the chart

The Law of Association

Dynamic stellar structures act as receiving sets

Aspects in the Chart Map Stellar Aerials Which Pick Up - Radio Fashion - Invisible Energies Radiated by Planets, People and Objects

Aspects in the chart map lines in the astral body between complex thought structures that act as permanent stellar aerials.

Progressed aspects map temporary stellar aerials

Stellar aerials pick up, radio fashion, energies of similar quality radiated, not just from the planets, but also from thought, character and object vibrations of a similar nature

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