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Election 2012 – Barack Obama

by DW Sutton

Subheadings: A brief assessment of his character and life experience    Obama’s decanate profile    Where the action is – houses 12, 7, 6, 4 and 1    So how did Barack Obama make it to the White House?    Progressed aspects involving planets with above average power are

Charts: Barack Obama birthchart   Barack Obama progressed chart

On November 4, 2008 Barack Obama became the first African American to be elected US President. It was a history making moment. His journey to the White House had started as a thought, but getting there wasn’t easy. He had big obstacles and hostile opposition to overcome. So when the Harvard Law School graduate, civil rights attorney and US Senator first announced his intention to run for President many people would have dismissed it as wishful thinking. Yet, against the odds, he overcame all the obstacles, all the opposition, all the constraints and all the restrictions and became the 44th President of the USA. His birthchart reveals how he did it.

Barack Obama was born August 4, 1961 at 7.24pm – Honolulu MC Hi, USA (21N19; 157W52). The birth time is documented on his birth certificate so it has AA-1 accuracy. (At 7.22.57am Taurus moved to the third house cusp and Scorpio moved to the ninth.)

Barack Obama birthchart

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Moon in house 4 is the dominant planet. It’s parallel ascendant, opposition MC, trine Jupiter, square Pluto, sextile Mercury, trine Saturn, square Uranus, semisextile Venus and trine Mars. Its net influence (4.34 harmodynes) is fortunate. Planets with above average power are Moon in house 4, Jupiter in 12, Mercury in 6, Pluto in 7, MC and Saturn in 12. Best planet is Jupiter in 12 — then Mercury, Venus and Moon. Worst planet is Uranus in 7 — then Sun, Saturn and Neptune. Dominant aspect is Jupiter in 12 parallel Pluto in 7 — then Moon parallel ascendant, Moon opposition MC, Mercury parallel Pluto and Mercury parallel Jupiter. Best aspect is Moon trine Jupiter — then Jupiter sextile MC and Moon sextile Mercury. Worst aspect is Moon opposition MC — then Moon square Pluto and Sun opposition ascendant. Dominant house is 12 — then 7, 6, 4 and 10. Best house is 12 — then 11, 2 and 4. Worst house is 1 — then 7, 9 and 10. Moon sign is Gemini — I think — first decanate — Intuition. Sun sign is Leo — I will — second decanate — Reformation. Ascendant sign is Aquarius — I know — second decanate — Inspiration. The chart’s best markers are Jupiter, Jupiter trine Moon, House 12 and Aquarius. Its trouble spots are Uranus, Moon opposition MC, house 1 and Leo. Major deficit is weak Sun.

The dominant Moon aspects all the planets that have above average power. It’s involved in the best and worst aspects. It forms a grand trine with Mars in 7 and Saturn in 12 and a T-square with Uranus in 7 and MC. The Moon and MC conciliate the Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn oppositions and Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn conciliate the Moon-MC opposition. So the discord can find a harmonious outlet but the harmony can then turn discordant. There are 7 trine aspects, 7 sextile aspects and 5 oppositions. Jupiter is conjunction Saturn in 12 and Mars in 7 is trine Saturn in 12. House 12 relates to life-matters and circumstances that have a pronounced influence on his unconscious mental activity or psychic life.

A brief assessment of his character and life experience

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Barack Obama is a dominant Moon person so even though his character (Leo) and personality (Aquarius) display fixed traits that resist change he easily adapts and adjusts to his ever changing personal and work environments. He has a close connection with the everyday people and understands their wants and needs (Moon). And with a weak birthchart Sun he’s not here to exercise power, authority and control. It’s safe to presume he has Jupiter type ambition. And with the Moon trine Jupiter he has a good opinion of himself and feels that he has something worthwhile to offer.

Obama is intelligent (prominent Mercury, Moon in Gemini and Moon sextile Mercury) and he’s had the opportunity to develop his intelligence. And with Moon and Mercury aspecting Jupiter (law) he has legal intelligence. As a lawyer and President he directs his intelligence (Mercury) and benevolence (Jupiter) into addressing the wants and needs of the everyday people (Moon). (These planets all have above average power.)

Moon trine Jupiter marks for an innate understanding of money matters and the financial and banking systems — Moon trine Saturn marks for an innate understanding of the economy — and Jupiter conjunction Saturn brings financial and economic matters into prominence. But Mercury — his reasoning and perception skills — forms high-discord opposition aspects with Jupiter and Saturn so the financial and economic problems put heavy-duty stress on his intellectual thought-cells (Mercury). Over-optimism (Jupiter) and pessimism (Saturn) can mess-up his thinking. They cause him to make bad-decisions. And when his rational thinking (Mercury) can’t find a solution to the problem Jupiter sources a faith and hope antidote. But with the Moon conciliating the Jupiter-Saturn-Mercury oppositions his intuitions and feelings are much more reliable than his thoughts and they’ll get it right when his reasoned judgments get it wrong. Mercury in Leo marks for fixed thought processes that can get stuck in a rut and Moon in Gemini marks for fluid-changeable feeling impressions. Jupiter conjunction Saturn maps the ability to plan and implement long-range financial strategies and with Saturn prominent and Saturn, Moon and Mars forming a grand trine his capacity to persevere, work and shoulder heavy responsibility (Saturn) is remarkable. And the perseverance and toil reaps big rewards — increased ability.

The thought-cell group that sources his desire to exercise power (Sun) is weak and he lacks political acumen, authority and the ability to take control and manage the situation. It’s an astrological impediment, and a psychological stumbling block, but it’s hard to see because, as the President, he has positional power.

Obama’s decanate profile

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The Sun is in the reformation decanate of Leo and he recognizes the shortcomings in the current political and religious systems and attacks those who use their intellectual cleverness to suppress truth and foster ignorance. But, as an influential person, he needs to make sure that he presents facts and not erroneous notions. With the Moon in the intuition decanate of Gemini Obama’s natural field of endeavor is the mental plane. He assimilates all he contacts and can view the whole problem in every detail — perceiving the proper relation of each part to the whole. And his deductions — as intuition — come straight from his soul. It’s the dominant decanate. And with the ascendant in the inspiration decanate of Aquarius he has ‘unlimited resourcefulness in imaginative creation’ and the ability to gain information from invisible sources. And it’s through this faculty, and his ability to dramatize his conceptions and present them in a most convincing manner, that he does good. With this decanate profile the life he lives will be shaped by reformation, intuition and inspiration. Scorpio, the dominant sign, is resourceful when finding solutions to life’s problems.

Where the action is – houses 12, 7, 6, 4 and 1

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House 12 dominates his chart and it’s high in harmony. Jupiter (abundance) and Saturn (loss) are there. Both planets have above average power and prominence status. This house rules hospitals, prisons, crime, criminals, secret stuff, behind the scenes activity, secret enemies, sneak attacks, covert operations, relief and the underprivileged, impoverished, oppressed and persecuted. It marks for a life experience shaped by constraint, limitation and disappointment. This house is often viewed in a negative light, but the constraints and restrictions can be overcome. Success is not denied, but the level of achievement may be limited and this may be viewed as a personal disappointment. When life and the overcoming of problems is viewed as a character development enterprise the only conclusion you can draw is that Barack Obama has done a remarkable job overcoming the constraints and restrictions imposed on him by his environment.

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction brings certain twelfth house life-matters and activities into prominence and they become the key shapers of his life experience and self-development. The high-harmony Jupiter marks for support and help when overcoming constraints and restrictions. Jupiter rules house 11 — his friends, supporters and Congress — and they can become his secret enemies who covertly work to cause him mishap, harm and failure, but their harm potential is reduced by twelfth house harmony.

Saturn in house 12 is his big problem. It’s the planet of loss and disappointment. It’s high in discord and the economic slump (Saturn) has become a huge restriction (house 12) limiting his success. Saturn marks for heavy burdens, big disappointments and powerful secret enemies among the conservatives and religious fundamentalists.

Being a twelfth house person Barack Obama has big secrets and a secret life that he shrewdly keeps a secret. And because the house is high in harmony he does it all very successfully. Nothing untoward is implied. It’s just that he’s successful at keeping his secrets under wrap and his low-level self-confidence (weak Sun) and sense of self-confusion (Sun square Neptune) could be secrets he doesn’t want you to know about.

House 7 is prominent and high in discord. Pluto (groups, gangs, coercion and drastic developments), Uranus (unexpected events and radical action) and Mars (strife and war) are there. Pluto has above average power. This house rules the international community, relations with foreign powers, opponents, open enemies, disputes, war, marriage and partnership. It’s a west-side house and Mars, Uranus and Pluto represent the mental resources (ingenuity, originality, aggression, initiative and a spirit of cooperation) that he naturally employs when dealing with other people and the leaders of other countries. So it’s all happening in the other country and America, via Barack Obama, is a victim of circumstance. And the high-level seventh house discord can produce unfortunate events and destructive character traits in the President — like eccentricity, discontentment, impulsivity, harshness and coercion. As President the seventh house relates to events occurring on the international stage and as a private citizen it relates to his marriage and open enmity. And with house 12 (secret enemies) and house 7 (open enemies) dominating his chart there has never been a President with more overt and covert enemies. But, with Mars in 7 trine Jupiter and Saturn in 12, their capacity to do harm is greatly reduced.

House 6 is prominent and harmonious. Mercury (talk and controversy) and Sun (politics) are there. It rules the work-force and (with house 10) job creation. And while a huge number of jobs have been created there are still millions of people unemployed (Saturn). House 6 also rules the army personnel and troops and their coming home. And with the Sun, cusp-ruler of house 7 (his wife), in house 6 Michelle Obama has led a campaign aimed at improving the diets of children and that’s another sixth house matter.

So how did Barack Obama make it to the White House?

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Those rare souls who dare to think ‘I want to be President’ must have dynamic thought-structures built into their characters that source the impulse; and conventional astrological wisdom assumes a dynamic Sun thought-cell group that has above average power. But Barack Obama’s life story contradicts the conventional wisdom. The Sun is his weakest planet. So how did he make it to the top job? What thought-cell structures in his unconscious soul-mind had the inclination, energy, ability and ‘luck’ to demonstrate the presidency?

Right from the start Obama was driven by a Jupiter sense of importance. He felt that menial employment was beneath his dignity and with Jupiter opposition Mercury and trine Moon he was naturally interested in law (Jupiter) and became a lawyer. So it’s highly likely that the impulse to run for President was sourced by the Moon-Mercury-Jupiter thought structure. But to achieve his ambition required more than intelligence, clever communication skills (Mercury) and the capacity to get patronage and inspire hope (Jupiter). It required hard work, perseverance, initiative, a never say die attitude and luck and these mental resources came from the Moon, Mars, Saturn grand trine. It also required cooperative effort and persuasion skills and they came from Pluto. But with a weak Sun his political intelligence is lacking. He lacks a strong sense of leadership, the ability to dominate others and the capacity to inspire confidence. So he compensates. Pluto, the dictator planet, dictates (not dominates) and Jupiter inspires hope (not confidence). And it seems that Obama has an inexhaustible supply of this valuable Jupiter mental resource.

So Mercury’s intellectual ability and clever thinking overcame all the obstacles and on November 4, 2008, with a little help from his friends (Jupiter rules house 11), he made it to the White House. Progressed Sun in his chart had moved to form a high-harmony luck (trine) aspect with progressed Jupiter. But the Mercury-Jupiter opposition marks for intellectual conceit — a misguided character trait that’s inclined to overestimate the mental ability and what it can achieve — and it’s easy to build a sense of destiny on a misguided notion and faulty self-understanding. When personal expectation exceeds thought-cell ability the end result is always failure and the weak Sun in his birthchart marks for a lack of political ability. It also makes it very hard to maintain self-control as the more energetic thoughts in his unconscious mind readily accesses his brain overwhelming ‘the thinker’ with their incessant chatter. As a recession President Obama had to provide leadership, inspire confidence and display unyielding resolve — and doing this has been a very personal struggle for the man who got the top job — against the odds.

Barack Obama November 6, 2012 progressed chart

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Progressed Sun (at 2 Libra 09)  in house 8 has moved to form an opportunity (sextile) aspect with birthchart Mercury in house 6; an obstacle (square) aspect with birthchart Venus in house 5 and a growth (semisextile) aspect with progressed Venus (at 2 Virgo 13) in house 7. It may have formed an agitation (sesquisquare) aspect with birthchart ascendant, but this aspect’s precise start, peak and end dates depend on a very precise birthtime. Sun progressions are very important and the Jupiter-Mercury opposition in his chart seems to be an aspect hot-spot. He gained the Presidency when progressed Sun moved to form a trine aspect with progressed Jupiter and now he’s trying to retain the job with progressed Sun sextile birthchart Mercury. Birthchart Sun is in house 6 (work) and progressed Sun is in house 8 (debt) and job creation and the national debt are top of the list election issues.

Progressed aspects involving planets with above average power are

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Progressed Mercury (at 27 Libra 52) in house 8 has moved to form a high-discord obstacle (square) aspect with progressed Jupiter (at 27 Capricorn 19) in house 12. It activates their birthchart opposition and since mid 2011 has made the pursuit of prosperity (Jupiter) very difficult.

Progressed Saturn (at 23 Capricorn 14R) in house 12 has moved to form a luck (trine) aspect with birthchart Mars in house 7; and progressed Mars (at 25 Libra 43) in house 8 has moved to form an obstacle (square) aspect with birthchart Saturn in house 12. Saturn is the planet of grim economic news and these aspects have made the unemployment problem very difficult, if not impossible, to solve. Mars and Saturn form a (luck) trine aspect in the birthchart, but they’re discordant planets so the birthchart and progressed harmony is severely reduced.

Getting (or retaining) a job is a tenth house event and there’s an astrological theory that in a presidential contest the candidate with the most harmonious tenth house will win. Obama’s tenth house has 0.40 harmodynes so it’s slightly harmonious. MC, Mars and Pluto are the rulers and their progressions on election-day hold the key to what happens.

Progressed MC (at 22S09) in house 11 is parallel birthchart Venus. It adds harmony to the tenth house. Progressed MC is parallel progressed Saturn (at 21S40). It adds discord. And (if the birthtime is almost accurate) progressed MC (at 18 Capricorn 29) is sesquisquare (agitation) birthchart Moon. This aspect activates their birthchart opposition and is a major problem for Obama.

Progressed Pluto (at 8 Virgo 41) in house 7 is sextile (opportunity) birthchart Neptune in house 9. (This progression in November 2008 gained him the Presidency.) It adds harmony to the tenth house. But progressed Saturn (at 23 Capricorn 14R) in house 12 is sesquisquare (agitation) progressed Pluto and it adds discord. The previously mentioned Mars-Saturn progressions add more discord than harmony; and progressed Mars (at 25 Libra 43) in house 8 is sextile (opportunity) birthchart Uranus in house 7 but the aspect’s  harmony is reduced because Uranus is the worst planet in the chart. And (if the birthtime is almost accurate) progressed Uranus (at 28 Leo 22) in house 7 is square (obstacle) birthchart MC. And it’s a very big obstacle for Obama to overcome.

So Obama’s progressed Sun is sextile birthchart Mercury and square birthchart Venus and his tenth house is a mix of harmonious and discordant aspects. Mars and Pluto form ‘good’ and ‘bad’ aspects and progressed MC is sesquisquare birthchart Moon. It activates their birthchart opposition and it’s the worst aspect in the chart. But it’s only when his progressed chart is compared with Mitt Romney’s that a clearer picture will emerge as to who will most likely be the next US President.

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