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Tarot Cards - Ancient Feminine Wisdom of Goddesses and Heroines

Tarot Cards - Ancient Feminine Wisdom of Goddesses and Heroines

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The Church of Light

Ancient Feminine Wisdom of Goddesses and Heroines

By Brian Clark and Kay Steventon

Just as ancient people sought the oracles of the goddesses, today's readers can find inspiration and guidance from the eternal feminine wisdom.

Beautifully illustrated cards and narrative text reveal the ancient insights of goddesses through the sacred art of divination. For each card, a descriptive narrative of the goddess’ myth or heroine’s story is given along with an oracular interpretation.

The Ancient Feminine Wisdom divination deck shares the wisdom and insights of fifty-two mythological goddesses and heroines, drawn from stories that have been passed down through centuries. The cards are divided into groups that can help us understand the possible significance in our lives.

Begin by meeting the First Goddesses, first among them is Gaia, who is referred to as "the mother of creation." Other groups are Olympian Goddesses, with Hestia, Demeter, and Athena; Chthonic Goddesses, home to Cybele, Hecate, and Eris; the Guardian Goddesses of Hygieia and Hebe. Heroines are grouped into the Heroine's Journey, Lovers and Partners, the Power of the Heroine, and Virtues of the Heroine. Some of the heroines we meet are Psyche, Medusa, Penelope, Galatea, Medea, Cassandra, Antigone, Hesperides, and Auxo.

A keyword for each card relates the goddess’ message to the human experience.

From the Introduction to Ancient Feminine Wisdom of Goddesses and Heroines by Brian Clark:

“Through the cards, the goddess can re-enter your imagination to help unveil a mystery, comfort you in times of uncertainty, or shed light on a situation. When one of the Goddess cards is drawn, the unconscious is identifying with her journey, encouraging contact with this aspect of yourself.”

Brian Clark is an Accredited Astrology Teacher (AAT) who has taught astrology for the past 25 years at the Chiron Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

Kay Steventon is a professional artist, astrologer, and Tarot reader.

This Premier Edition includes:

An oversized 52-card deck, a 64 page instruction booklet,

and a custom 17 X 20" Sacred Zodiacal Circle spread sheet.

ISBN 978-1-57281-501-8




ITEM: CARDS - Ancient Feminine Wisdom

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