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Understanding the Minor Arcana-Online Classes

Understanding the Minor Arcana-Online Classes
Suggested Donation:

Understanding the Minor Arcana

Instructor: Allyn McCray

Suggested Donation: $9 per class and $58 for the series.

Click here to access the series of eight recorded videos and Handouts

There are many traditions surrounding the History and use of the Tarot. In the Brotherhood of Light tradition the Tarot card images were originally derived from bas-reliefs found in the subterranean initiation chambers of the Egyptian Mystery School. These images comprise the Royal Path of life and provided insights on the evolution of the soul back towards spirit after it’s descent into matter.

This is the companion course to Beginning Egyptian Tarot. Understanding the Minors of Egyptian Tarot explores the Mundane, Astrological, and Spiritual interpretations for each Minor Arcana of the Brotherhood of Light deck. Student notes will be provided as well as a colorful and entertaining PowerPoint presentation.

This course is the result of a two-day workshop that resulted in eight recorded videos. Topics covered are:

  • The History and Use of Tarot
  • The Major Arcanum
  • The Minor Arcanum
  • The Court Cards and Horsemen
  • The Nature of Divination
  • Formulating a Question
  • Choosing a Spread using 1, 3, 5, 7 and 12 cards
  • Review
  • Giving a Reading
  • Recommended Don'ts and Do's

Handouts include: Course Outline, Class Notes, Personal Code of Ethics, Yes/No/Maybe Spread, Magic Seven Spread and The Horoscope Spread. 

Click here to access these classes/recorded videos at Church of Light TV.

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Your Instructor: Allyn McCray

Hermetician, Certified Teacher, Minister and member of the Church of Light since 2002. She has served as Communication Director, a contributing writer for the Church of Light Quarterly and head of the web team. 

A San Francisco native, Allyn McCray began her fascination with the Tarot in 1971 after discovering a deck among herbs, potions, and other curiosities in an occult shop near her apartment. She was recognized by the American Tarot Association (ATA) as a Certified Tarot reader in 1999 and had her Tarot poetry published in the ATA Newsletter. An experienced Internet reader, she has been regularly being featured on the websites, Psychicnut and Roadtalk. She also reads professionally in public and private venues in Santa Fe, NM.

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