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Course 10-1 Natal Astrology: Part 1- Delineating the Horoscope - eBook for iOS and Android Devices

Course 10-1 Natal Astrology: Part 1- Delineating the Horoscope - eBook for iOS and Android Devices

Natal Astrology:

Part 1 - Delineating the Horoscope

by C. C. Zain

eBook for iOS, iPads, iPhone and Android Devices


Also available in the following formats:

Student Format Print  |  PDF eBook Download  |  Kindle

This is part one of the tenth book in a series of 21 Brotherhood of Light Courses by C. C. Zain on the Hermetic Sciences, Astrology, Alchemy, Tarot, Kabbalah and the Occult.

Although it is an intermediate-level astrology course on interpreting a natal horoscope, it is suitable for beginning students and is an invaluable resource for every professional astrologer. The reader is introduced to the Hermetic system of astrology in a step by step fashion explaining exactly what an astrological birth chart represents and what it can and cannot do.

The book presents a detailed list of what a complete astrological reading might include. It is one of the few astrological textbooks that discuss the interpretation for each of the 36 decanates (ten-degree sections of the zodiac). The book teaches the student how to assess the natal chart for temperament, disposition, mental ability, business factors, finances, vocational selection, fortune with love, marriage, partnership, domestic relations, friends, open enemies and personal restrictions and hidden influences.

Course 10 - Part 1 of 21 in the Brotherhood of Light Study Program.

Serial Lesson No. Chapter/Serial Lesson Title
103 First Eighteen Decanates Analyzed
104 Last Eighteen Decanates Analyzed
105 Stature, Temperament, Disposition and Mental Ability
106 Vitality, Health and Disease
107 Business, Finances and Vocational Selection
108 Friends, Enemies and Associates
109 Love, Marriage and Partnership
110 How to Delineate a Horoscope

ISBN 978-0-87887-410-1

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21 Brotherhood of Light Complete Set of Courses eBook for iOS and Android Devices
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