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Uranus square Pluto in the sky: March 17, 2015


DW Sutton

Uranus square Pluto

Uranus in the sky moved to within orb of a square aspect of Pluto in March 2009 and since then the two planets have formed the perfect square aspect six times. Their seventh and final square will be formed March 17, 2015 at 1.51am UT.

For the past six years Uranus and Pluto have been streaming a very destructive news story and chances are you’ve been watching events unfold on your latest Uranus-Pluto device. For Uranus the destructive discord has been expressing as extremism and radicalization; and for Pluto it’s been expressing as group activity, gang methods, insidious crimes, widespread coercion and corruption, human rights abuses and technology obsession. Pluto is the planet of globalization and propaganda and its terror has been globalized via smart technology (Uranus), the internet and television (Pluto).

Both planets have their delegates here on Earth. Uranus is represented by the freedom-fighters and the radical extremists. Pluto is represented by groups. The Higher-Pluto group is devoted to human betterment, working together and cooperative effort. The Lower-Pluto group is intent on division, disunity, death and destruction. But Lower-Pluto is more insidious than you’ve ever imagined. It’s humanity’s great menace and its chief weapon of destruction is inversion – the subtle distortion of facts to mean what they don’t. And these days the inversion is so subtle, understated and cunning that it’s missed by even the most astute observer. Lower-Pluto’s henchmen include power-mad tyrants and dictators; and democratically elected Prime Ministers and Presidents have been observed to submit to their dictates. And each time Uranus and Pluto formed a perfect square aspect outstanding events bearing their characteristics occurred.

Their seventh square aspect is perfect six days after Mars is conjunction Uranus in the sky so many countries will be on a high-terror alert. The aspect marks for terror attacks, radical action by extremist groups, anti-terror attacks, ant-terror protective measures, repression and radicalization, international disunity, radical provocation, extreme coercion, kidnappings, drastic developments, social unrest, mob violence, protests, strikes and demonstrations. Unions and coalitions will struggle to cooperate so splits will occur. In the political arena the division is extreme. And the extremist groups are intent on death and destruction. The social unrest is extreme and the authorities are taking drastic action and dictatorial measures to maintain law and order. ‘You make me angry, I will kill you’ is the aspect’s anthem. And the militant extremist groups will be actively recruiting new members.

Uranus square Pluto: New Delhi, India

New Delhi


The Uranus square Pluto chart for New Delhi, India has Uranus in house 1 (the people and their welfare) and Pluto in house 10 (the administration.) So the Uranus-Pluto discord will impact directly on the Indian people and their government. The chart for Islamabad, Pakistan is similar with Uranus in house 1 and Pluto in house 10. Both charts are high in discord and mark for a particularly menacing moment.

Uranus square Pluto: London, England



The Uranus square Pluto chart for London, England has Pluto in house 1 (the people) and Uranus in house 3 (public transport and neighboring countries.) The charts for France, Spain, Germany and Italy are similar with Pluto in house 1 and Uranus in house 3. All countries will be on a high terror alert (Pluto).

While the seventh and final Uranus-Pluto square aspect in the sky marks an important turning point it does not spell the end of the matter. The two planets will remain within the 10º effective orb of a square aspect till May 2019 by which time their influence on global affairs will cease, although the legacy of their seven square aspects is destined to last a lot longer.

Copyright DW Sutton, 2015. All rights reserved.

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