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Mars conjunction Pluto in the sky: November 10, 2014


D.W. Sutton

Mars in the sky moves to form a conjunction aspect with Pluto on November 10, 2014 at 11.04am UT. And it’s a very dangerous high-discord astrological event. The aspect marks for war, escalating violence, an extreme terror alert and an international Ebola emergency. Humanity is living with danger.

Each country has its own chart and with enough local political, economic and social data you can predict the events most likely to occur. Every country in the global village will experience dangerous Mars-Pluto events but it will be the airstrikes on ISIL, the terror events, the wars and the Ebola crisis that lead the news queue.

Mars stands for strife, war, conflict, aggressive force, military offensives, violence, brutality, massacres, bombs, guns, shootings, knives, beheadings, hate, anger, belligerence, sexual violence, rape, alcohol fueled violence, infectious diseases, accidents and fires. He rules the army, police, firefighters, militants and hot-heads and gets his justice by taking revenge. Pluto stands for groups, the international community (UN), anti-terrorist units, cooperation or disunity, terrorists groups, the globalization of terror, dictators, tyrants, rogue countries, nuclear weapons, insidious barbarism, mass killings, threats, coercive enforcement, stonewalling, drastic measures, crime and crime networks.

The Mars-Pluto conjunction is square violent and extremist Uranus and opposition the Moon – planet of the common people, civilians, food, water and basic everyday necessities. They will be caught up in the brutality, violence and disease. It’s an emergency situation and a humanitarian crisis. Global financial (Jupiter) and economic (Saturn) spin-offs will also occur.

Pluto expresses two extremes identified as Lower and Higher Pluto. And Lower-Pluto’s henchmen – the political, academic, criminal and corporate dictators – are humanity’s #1 enemy. They have a wide scope of coercive power that operates through dictators, terrorist groups, corporations, crime networks, atheistic materialism and the suppression of information. Lower-Pluto is driven by greed, self-interest, power and destruction and it recruits misguided dupes to do its dirty work here on Earth. And currently with Uranus square Pluto in the sky it is coercing by fear and terror. It’s a tactic as old as time. Death by beheading is nothing new but with Uranus in Aries it’s made a comeback on YouTube. (Aries in human anatomy rules the head.) Higher-Pluto is humanity’s friend. Its scope of expression ranges from anti-terrorist networks and units and other security forces to human-rights activists and humanitarian workers. Higher-Pluto is the groups working in the refugee camps that help the innocent victims fleeing the terror. But at the moment Lower-Pluto has the numbers and is dictating how the game of life is being played.

Humanity has a common enemy – ISIL and other terror gangs – and the international community, led by the US, is intent on degrading this menace to human welfare. So now the tyrant ISIL with its stone-age religious teachings has a common enemy too. The fight has already started and the Mars-Pluto conjunction in the sky will see a spike in violence, brutality, terrorist attacks, coercive terror, anger, hate, division, bigotry and racism. The aspect will bring out the worst in people and the uncivilized behavior will reach fever pitch – both on and off the battlefields. And by the time it’s all over a lot of destructive violence and death. The world could become a bloodbath. The aspect will act as a powerful magnet for ISIL supporters who will flock to the battlefields in Syria and Iraq. Based on information provided by their intelligence agencies some governments have already issued terror alerts – every precaution is needed – but astrology – that great intelligence agency in the sky – will time when terror events can occur.

The influence of the Mars-Pluto conjunction will start on October 23, 2014 and the fighting, airstrikes, terrorist attacks, brutality, hate, anger and killing will escalate from then reaching a peak on November 10-11. And it will continue through to late November when this inner-plane energy-event goes out of orb and the aspect’s capacity to influence world affairs comes to an end.

Major events and developments will be timed by aspects in the Mars cycle (and aspects involving the Moon and Mars in the lunation chart) – they act as astrological triggers. Here’s a run-down of the Mars aspects – allow 36 hours either side of the date indicated:

October 28: Mars is square Mars in Mars cycle.

October 31: Mars is sextile Neptune in Mars cycle.

November 3: Mars is sextile Mercury in Mars cycle.

November 5: Mars is square Uranus in Mars cycle.

November 7: Mars is inconjunct Jupiter in the Mars cycle.

November 10: Mars is sextile Saturn and conjunction Pluto in the Mars cycle.

November 10: Mars is conjunction Pluto in the sky.

November 13: Mars is square Uranus in the sky. This aspect has been the support act for the Mars-Pluto conjunction. It’s at its peak power and discord at 1.30am UT.

November 20: Mars is semisquare Neptune in Mars cycle.

November 22: Mars is sextile Venus in Mars cycle.

Mars conjunction Pluto around the globe:

Mars-Pluto conjunction Damascus


All the countries in the Middle-East – Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Israel, Palestine etc (not Egypt) – have the Mars-Pluto conjunction in house 4 (land and territories) and the fight against Islamic State is a land issue. ISIL is a common enemy but the Middle East is a tinderbox of hate, anger, extremism and repression and this Mars-Pluto conjunction could be the spark that ignites the entire region.

Mars-Pluto conjunction Jerusalem


Israel and Palestine have the Mars-Pluto conjunction in house 4 (land) and hostilities between these two long-time enemies are set to erupt again. The current peace-treaty – cease-fire – is very fragile.

Mars-Pluto conjunction Moscow


Russia and Ukraine have the Mars-Pluto conjunction in house 4 (land) so the pro-Russian armed separatist insurgency – the War in Donbass – will escalate. Russia will be overtly involved. The dispute is a land issue and Putin (Pluto) wants the land.

Mars-Pluto conjunction Washington


The US and Canada have the Mars-Pluto conjunction in house 8 – death – and both countries are on the ISIL hit list.

Mars-Pluto conjunction Canberra


Australia has the Mars-Pluto conjunction in house 12 – secret enemies, clandestine activities, spies and refugees – and she’s on the ISIL hit list.

Mars-Pluto conjunction Monrovia


Liberia has the Mars-Pluto conjunction in house 6 (sickness). She’s been hit hard by the Ebola epidemic and the crisis is set to spiral out of control into an international emergency.

Chile and Argentina have the conjunction in house 8 (debts, death and taxes.) Brazil has it in house 7 (off-shore events and disputes with other countries.)

Britain, Germany and most of Europe have the conjunction in house 5 and the Mars-Pluto energy-event will impact directly on the youth in these countries. House 5 also rules children, theaters, places of amusement and the share market.

India and Pakistan have the conjunction in house 3 (neighboring countries) and they are neighbors.

China, Indonesia and The Philippines have the conjunction in house 2 (money matters and banks) so the Mars-Pluto discord will impact on their finances.

This current bout of strife, violence and destruction started with Mars conjunction Saturn in the sky on August 25 and by the end of November 2014 the Mars-Pluto energy-event will have been relegated to the history books too. But there’s a lot more strife and destruction to come.

On December 15, 2014 at 6.15am UT Uranus and Pluto in the sky move to form their sixth square aspect and this high-discord energy-event has been degrading the quality of living on Earth since its influence started in March 2009.

On January 20, 2015 at 12.10am UT Mars in the sky moves to form a conjunction aspect with Neptune and this aspect takes over from where the Mars-Pluto conjunction left off. And on March 11, 2015 at 4.07pm UT Mars moves to form a conjunction aspect with Uranus and with Uranus and Pluto forming their seventh square aspect on March 17 at 1.51am UT March is shaping up as a month of violent change and drastic developments.

Copyright DW Sutton, 2014. All rights reserved.

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