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Mars conjunction Uranus – March 22, 2013


By DW Sutton

Uranus is the planet of rugged individualism. He abhors restraint. He likes to be a law unto himself and to feel that he is the equal of any man. He is, therefore, the planet of liberty and his influence on slavery as an issue was even more pronounced than that of Neptune, and as he favors direct action, was marked by more violence. Against economic repression he feels equally rebellious, inciting unrest, dissatisfaction and disruption. CC Zain – Mundane Astrology – The Cycles of Uranus.

When the signs in the sky herald freedom-fighting and violent change

The roots of the current worldwide surge for freedom and liberty can be traced back to the Neptune cycle that commenced March 7, 1944 at 3.06am UT. (Its end date is April 24, 2026.) Back then humanity was in the grip of World War 11. The dictator, Adolph Hitler, was intent on enslaving the world and in September 1939 Germany invaded Poland. Six years later, in August 1945, the war ended when the USA dropped atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Japan surrendered. And in 1944 Neptune’s idealism put emancipation and freedom on the global agenda.

But Pluto – the planet of division – had other ideas and following World War 11 the world split into an East-West divide. And the ideological, political and economic tensions between the East – the USSR and Eastern Europe – and West – the USA and Western Europe – known as the Cold War lasted from 1945 till 1989. It was essentially a no-shooting war between the capitalistic and the communists and while there were some dangerous moments the real danger concerned the human-rights abuses and economic repressions inflicted on the people of Eastern Europe. It was going to take more than Neptune's idealism to kick-start the emancipation process and the next wave of liberation had to wait till the 1969 Uranus cycle and the Uranus-Neptune conjunctions in the sky in 1989.

Uranus is the planet of radicalism and in the 1969 Uranus cycle chart Uranus was opposition Sun and conjunction Jupiter. Discontentment provides fertile ground for radicalization and these aspects set the scene for the radicalization of the political (Sun) and religious (Jupiter) agendas. In the Sun section of the Aquarian Age politics is the main game. It's played by moderate minds but with Uranus opposition the Sun the political agenda was radicalized by right and left wing extremism. The discontentment the aspect mapped was aimed at the ruling authorities. And the radicalization of religion resulted in a wave of religious extremism. Uranus demands democracy and full human rights for all and Uranus opposition the Sun in the 1969 Uranus cycle changed the world's political landscape.

In 1989 – with Uranus conjunction Neptune in the sky – a wave of political unrest swept across Eastern Europe and by 1990 nearly all the Warsaw Pact countries had moved from one-party rule to pluralistic political systems. On November 9, 1989 the East German government opened its borders to the West and the Berlin Wall began to crumble. In Romania the unrest turned violent and the country's dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu, was tried and executed. During 1991-1992 Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia declared independence from Yugoslavia. And in 2003 Yugoslavia was renamed Serbia and Montenegro.

In July 2007 the subprime mortgage crisis in the US went global and the economic slowdown it caused set the stage for hardship, poverty and high unemployment. Governments fear unemployment and some try to head it off. Others don't. They seem to think that poverty will keep the populace compliant. But when you've got nothing you've got nothing to lose and that's when the poverty and fear can transform into discontentment and rage. Take a trip around the world – to Ireland, Greece, the USA, the Middle East, South Africa, Spain or Russia – anywhere – and you'll find high unemployment caused by the GFC. In Spain, Greece and the Middle East youth unemployment is astronomical. The severe austerity measures are causing hardship and anti-government hate and the fuse that the GFC lit easily ignites into protests, demonstrations, civil unrest, uprisings and revolutions.

The Arab Spring

On December 14, 2010 – at 4.13am UT – Mars was conjunction Pluto in the sky. Mars is the planet of disasters, accidents and fires and Pluto is the planet of groups, horrible events and drastic action. On December 17, 2010 in Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia Mohammed Bouazizi – a 26 year old man trying to support his family by selling fruit and vegetables – had his produce cart confiscated. When he resisted he was beaten up by police. He then doused himself in paint thinner and set himself on fire (Mars) in front of a local municipal office – and Tunisia erupted.

The fruit seller's drastic act (Pluto) highlighted the public's boiling frustration over living standards, police violence, rampant unemployment and a lack of human rights and on December 17 the protests began. By December 27 they had spread to Tunis. On January 4, 2011 Mohammed Bouazizi died from his burns and on January 6 eight thousand lawyers in Tunisia went on strike (Uranus) demanding an end to police brutality (Mars) against peaceful protesters. By January 13 the Federation for Human Rights put the death toll at 66 and on January 14 the hated dictator Ben Ali fled the country to Saudi Arabia. To become free is heavenly.

Then, inspired by events in Tunisia, activists (Uranus) in Egypt called for an uprising in their own country to protest against poverty (Saturn) unemployment (Saturn), government corruption (Pluto) and the hated dictator Hosni Mubarak (Pluto). And on January 25, 2011, in Cairo, Suez and Alexandria, Egyptians took to the streets. You saw what happened on your television screen. You saw the protesters and the police – the tear gas and the water cannons. On February 4 you saw thousands of demonstrators gather in Cairo's Tahrir Square. Then on February 11 Hosni Mubarak resigned and handed over power to the army (Mars) and on February 12 the Egyptian people celebrated their emancipation from 30 years of dictatorial control. Jimmy Carter got it right when he called the unrest in Egypt an 'earth-shaking moment'.

Soon after these earth-shaking events in Tunisia and Egypt – on April 3, 2011 – Mars in the sky moved to form a conjunction aspect with Uranus and by then there were violent protests and armed conflicts in Libya, Syria, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen and Ivory Coast. The Arab Spring had started. But on March 11, 2011 there was a natural disaster that sent the fear index on planet Earth through the roof.

Natural disasters are a Saturn-house 4 event. They’re an everyday occurrence, but on March 11, 2011 Japan’s 9.1 magnitude earthquake and tsunamis was no ordinary disaster.  In Tokyo’s Saturn cycle chart on March 11, 2011 transit Saturn (at 15 Libra 37R and 3S35) in house 4 (natural disasters) had moved to form a trine aspect with birthchart Venus (at 16 Aquarius 19) in house 8 (death) and a parallel aspect with birthchart MC (the publicity amplifier at 3N21). But the explosions at the Fukushima nuclear power plant and the nuclear emergency that followed were a Mars-Pluto event and in the April 25, 2009 Mars cycle chart Mars formed an exact square aspect with Pluto. Explosions occurred on March 12 and 14 with transit Mars parallel birthchart Saturn and on March 15 with transit Mars opposition birthchart Saturn and conjunction MC. By April 3, 2011, when the Mars-Uranus conjunction was at its peak power, Japan’s nuclear emergency was the top international news story.

Mars conjunction Uranus – March 22, 2013

And now, on March 22, 2013 at 6.18pm UT, Mars in the sky again moves to form a conjunction aspect with Uranus. And it’s another dangerous moment with the aspect operating in a very dangerous global environment. Mars is the planet of strife, hate, anger, brutality, violence, rape, sexual violence, brawls, feuds, war, guns, bullets, bombs and accidents. He rules the military, army and police. Uranus is the planet of unexpected events, radical action, extreme developments, freedom, liberty, civil unrest, racism, revolutions, protests, strikes, demonstrations and startling exposés. He rules the freedom fighters and extremists. Uranus moved to Aries on March 12, 2011 and, except for a short stay in Taurus during 2018, will be there till March 7, 2019. So this Mars-Uranus conjunction and the next three will take place in Aries the sign ruling the military, military maneuvers and manufacturing. Mars conjunction Uranus in the sky brings the matters these planets rule into prominence.

There are extreme developments and a spike in the violence and brutality in the war zones. The freedom fighters know no fear. And the widespread anger and social discontent in many countries will see a wave of strikes, protests and demonstrations. The violence is just a stones throw away. And the trouble-makers and rogue countries – Iran, North Korea – are inclined to display extreme provocation and brinkmanship. The aspect marks for angry protests and civil unrest as people desperate for freedom (from fear, poverty and persecution) see radical action as their only option. But because Uranus is involved the sudden and unexpected (war) crisis that’s inclined is impossible to predict. Remember that astrology has no implication of fatality. The Mars-Uranus conjunction merely shows that the union of two astrological energies will bring pressure to bear on a country’s mundane affairs and this makes certain types of events probable.

Each country has an administrative capital that locates its Mars-Uranus conjunction chart and the time of the chart has a AA-1 level of accuracy with a plus or minus 30 second margin of error. The house in the chart where the Mars-Uranus conjunction is located indicates the area of mundane life to be influenced by strife, violence, extreme developments, demonstrations and violent unrest. March 22, 2013 represents the day when the Mars-Uranus energy is at its peak power and not the precise day when major events can be expected to occur – although it will be close.

Harmony and discord

Mars is a discordant planet because his aggressive nature begets strife and violence, but many Mars-Uranus conjunction charts are high in harmony. Mars and Uranus are conjunction Sun, trine Moon, conjunction Venus and square Pluto. And the luck (trine) aspect to the Moon marks for beneficial events influencing the common people. The thing to remember is that fortunate Mars events always involve strife and speed of some kind. In a fight situation there’s a winner and Mars harmony can express as victory. So the Mars-Uranus-Moon trine aspect could see a victory for the common people in their fight to live free from strife, violence and dictatorial control.

The Mars-Uranus conjunction charts for Washington, London and New Delhi

America and Argentina have the Mars-Uranus conjunction in house 9 (laws, court cases, trials and trade). Brazil has the conjunction in house 8 (death and taxes).

Mars conjunction Uranus – March 22, 2013 Washington

Britain, France and Spain have the Mars-Uranus conjunction in house 7 (the other country, foreign policy and international relations). It indicates aggressive action on the world stage and a dispute with a foreign power. And the other country is in a very aggressive mood. Events occur with cataclysmic suddenness and quickly escalate.

Mars conjunction Uranus - March 22, 2013 London, England

Germany, Italy, Greece and most of Europe have the Mars-Uranus conjunction in house 6 (work, labor and sickness). Egypt and South Africa have it there too. Labor unrest and angry demonstrations by unemployed workers are indicated.  Russia, Israel, Iran and Syria have the conjunction in house 5 (children, entertainment, risks and share market).

India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka have the Mars-Uranus conjunction in house 4 (land and territories). India and Pakistan are fighting over Kashmir.

Mars conjunction Uranus – March 22, 2013 New Delhi, India

Beijing has the Mars-Uranus conjunction in house 3 (neighboring countries). China is a neighbor to North Korea and is involved in a major dispute with Japan over the Senkaku Islands. (Japan and South Korea have been fighting over the Takeshinu islands for 60 years.) Japan, Australia and North and South Korea have the Mars-Uranus conjunction in house 2 (finances and banks).

A Mars-Uranus conjunction time-line

March 7 – Mars moves into orb of a conjunction aspect with Uranus
  Start data of Uranus square Pluto in Uranus cycle
March 14 – A new Mars cycle starts and Mars takes center-stage
March 21 – Mars is parallel Sun in Mars cycle
March 22 – Mars is conjunction Uranus in Mars cycle
  Mars is conjunction Uranus in the sky
  The aspect is at its peak power from March 20 to March 24
March 24 – Peak power and discord date of Uranus square Pluto in Uranus cycle
  (From March 20 to March 24 there’s a huge accumulation of Mars and Uranus energy converging on the Earth.)
March 24 – Mars is sextile Jupiter in Mars cycle
March 26 – Mars is inconjunct Saturn and square Pluto in Mars cycle
March 27 – Mars is square Pluto in the sky
March 30 – Mars is parallel Venus in Mars cycle
April 6 – Mars moves out of orb of a conjunction aspect with Uranus
April 11 – End date of Uranus square Pluto in Uranus cycle

--- Published 3-7-2013

Copyright DW Sutton, 2013. All rights reserved.

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